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I began training at the Age of 4 at Paul Campbell’s karate academy in Dudley, near Birmingham. It’s a club which focuses on all aspects of karate and self-defence, and I believe it’s the traditional side that has helped me to develop the technique, focus and high standards of discipline necessary to compete at a high level.

I originally started because my two elder brothers had started a few years before me. Unfortunately as I reached the age of around 10, both my brothers quit and this left me to keep practicing on my own. But I was always training with people who were older than me at my club. Training and fighting with these people helped me to get rid of some fear, but when i was younger, I was always very nervous about fighting, both in the club and in competitions.

I started competing at an early age in both kata and kumite, winning many medals in both, but as I grew older I found myself being drawn more towards the exiting and unpredictable nature of kumite, and so I continued to train hard in both disciplines but competed more in kumite than kata. But as I mentioned earlier I was always very nervous and scared about fighting, but both my parents and coach encouraged me, and I began to gain more confidence with each win. Initially it was just at local level that I competed but at, but at the age of around 9 I began travelling further and further away to compete.

My first major title came when I was 14 and it was the English National Championships, winning the final 8-0, and never being hit with a scoring point once in any of my 5 fights. This would be the first of many national titles, British and international titles I have come to hold.

I continued to train with both Wayne Otto on a weekly basis which I had been doing for a few years, and still continue to do, while I also have travelled twice to Belgium for a week at a time to train at Junior Leferve’s training course in the summer.  This training is something I believe has greatly helped me to be at my best, and has allowed me to train with some of the best in the world.

Later that year in 2009 I was selected to compete in the Junior World Championships held in Morocco. This was my first major tournament representing England, and probably the scariest. Surrounded by the world’s best was certainly daunting to say the least. However I did very well, and after losing in the semi-final to the eventual winner I was faced with one more fight for bronze. I won beating my opponent 5-1 and becoming the WORLD BRONZE MEDALIST in my category, a huge achievement for anyone. Which lead to many people commenting on my fighting style with my fast, aggressive application of my techniques, particularly my kicks which I gained many of my points from at these championships.

Next was the junior and cadet European championships, unfortunately the Europeans have not been as successful, as in 2011 I lost to the eventual champion 1-0 in extra time.

However next were the 2011 junior and cadet World championships held in Malaysia. It was a strong and confident performance, fighting my way through 4 fights and into the semi-finals, where I faced the European champion who I beat 2-1. In the final I face the current world champion from Egypt and I beat him 5-0, and so becoming the WORLD CHAMPION, and achieving my dream.

Early in 2012 i competed in the junior and cadet European Championships held i Azerbaijan. i was automatically selected for this event due to my previous performance at the world championships. I didn’t get off to a good start beating my Dutch opponent but then losing to Turkey, in a fight where i should have beaten my opponent. However Turkey made it to the final and eventually won, which left me in reportage. I beat my Macedonian opponent 7-0 and then French opponent 3-1 to claim the BRONZE MEDAL, my first medal at a junior Europeans.

While I focus on my own competition I also teach karate to other people having done courses and sessions for many different people. Working on developing the next generation of champions. Including one who at the age of ten, is ranked as the NO.2 in Britain.

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    your so cool

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