unfortunately is was not to be this time, i had a first round bye and faced France in the second round, a tough draw, the french fighter was very strong and the fight was close seeing me win it 2-1 and into the second round to face Ukraine  against Ukraine i came out strong quickly scoring two 1 point punches, the opponent threw a kick which although it went past the head on video scored. 3-2 down i pressured him for 2 minuets  finally i got it back with about 20 seconds to go, with me attacking for easily the majority of the fight i thought i had the decision even through he came hunting for his point thinking he would lose decision, with it tied at 3-3 everyone, even my opponent clearly thought i had won, but the decision went 3-2 against me taking me out of the competition  i bitter ending for this years junior europeans as i felt i was a strong medal contender even though i still have another 2 1/2 years in this section