My first premier league event, and with the world number 3,4,5 and many other top ranked senior competitors in my section adding up to 65 fighters this sure wasn’t going to be easy. My first three fights were good with me winning them and having a very disciplined style, necessary at this level. i made it to the pool final facing Horuna of Ukraine.  A previous world and European University champion and a dominant senior taking out the world NO.4 from last year out 7-0 he was definitely on form that day. the first stages of the fight were close but both of us being tentative to attack eventually i did but got countered with a kick, being down i had to go and i think the kick damaged my confidence a little. i started the fight hard leaving us both exhausted but i got picked to the point and caught by a far more experienced senior. I lost the fight and Horuna beat the 2012 European champion who is also the World NO.3 in the next round leaving me in repocharge and facing the world NO.5. i lost to my opponent and this left me with a top 8 finish. Horuna went on to beat the world No.4 in the final and my other opponent himself the current pan-american champion also beat the 2012 European champion for the bronze. losing to the winner and bronze medalist made it a little better and i realised after i had done well to get a top 8 finish in a world series event at 18 in the senior section. once again i got the furthest out of any English fighter in this international event putting me in the good position for the individual spot for the senior European selections 2013.

Here are a few of the English squad that went out who i travelled with, including sensei Paul Newby- Assistant National Coach team at dutch open