The first inter regional competition set off with the midlands team facing the south. Tom was the last competitor in the team with the idea that if they needed points that he could do it, and with the midlands team trailing points going into the final match that’s exactly what was needed. The fight was tough with toms opponent trying to get very close and hold on to tom not allowing either of them to perform many techniques, this led to his opponent being disqualified from the match for holding on to tom, and so a score of 8-0 awarded meaning the midlands beat the south. This was toms first fight for nearly 2 months so it was never going to be his best performance, with tom clearly disappointed with his performance. The next match was against the north with tom being picked as the number one fighter to get the team off to a good start, he faced Aaron Swales and he seemed to be getting back into it, Aaron has also represented England at a senior level, but tom quickly got up to 7-0 and then saw out the remainder of the match claiming a good win for the team. Unfortunately going into the match the team were already down 16-0 due to injured fighters and the gap was too much for the midlands team so the north gained the win, and with the south comfortably beating the north it went down the points difference with the south claiming the victory and the midlands coming in second with the north in third. Disappointing result for the midlands team as they should have claimed first place after beating the south. But for the first event on toms calender this year it wasn’t too bad, but improvement can certainly be made as the he gets back into regular competition leading up to the Junior European championships in February with an event in France and pre-training still to go. But as of now things are looking positive for these events.